IFIAS Funding And Finances

Since moving to Canada in 1986 until 1998, IFIAS received core funding from the Canadian International Development Agency. In previous years, this funding totaled $250,000 on an annual basis. Revenues from membership fees have not been invoiced recently, but historically totalled approximately $60,000 annually.

Funding for programmes and projects comes from a variety of international sources. Major funders since the IFIAS Secretariat relocated to Canada include the following:

  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund, New York
  • Province of Limberg, the Netherlands
  • City of Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • Salen Foundation, Stockholm
  • Wallenberg Foundation, Stockholm
  • UNESCO, Paris
  • Exxon Education Foundation, New York
  • Province of Ontario, Canada
  • Tyler Foundation
  • UNIFEM, New York
  • International Development Research Centre, Canada
  • GTZ, Germany
  • Ministry of International Affairs, the Netherlands